Atlanta IRS Liens Attorney

When it comes to unresolved tax debt, the IRS does not hesitate to take drastic action. Individuals and businesses are often surprised to discover that a tax problem has escalated to a potential IRS lien, bank/wage levy or the seizure of assets like cars, homes and valuable artwork.

IRS Liens

IRS liens can have a significant, negative effect on your credit report, property and finances. However, each situation is different, and liens affect people in different ways. One of the most challenging things that people experience regarding IRS liens — in addition to the negative effect on their credit reports or borrowing power — is the potential damage to their reputations when IRS tax liens are published in the public records.

People who make their living from their reputations, including corporate officers, realtors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors and political figures, are especially vulnerable to the effects of negative publicity. In addition, some professionals are not able to renew their professional licenses if they have a tax lien.

At The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C., our IRS tax liens attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients from the financial, professional and personal harm that can accompany an IRS tax lien. Lawyers at our Atlanta law firm use extensive knowledge and experience to achieve favorable outcomes in these situations, often representing clients who simply did not know about a tax situation such as an unfiled tax return or who were unwilling or unable to respond to the IRS or state taxing authorities for a long period of time.

We know that these things happen, and we offer non-judgmental tax, legal and financial representation that is tailored to your individual circumstances.

Tax Levies

When individuals face tax levies, the IRS threatens to remove money directly from their paychecks, bank accounts or Social Security payments.

At The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C., we are dedicated to protecting our clients' interests by keeping money where it belongs: in our clients' pockets. Our goal is always to get levies released as soon as possible. We can negotiate with the IRS to find alternatives to tax levies or to mitigate the effects of an unfavorable tax judgment.


The law gives the Internal Revenue Service broad power to seize assets as compensation for unpaid federal tax debt. People often have more to lose than they think, and it can be extremely difficult to reclaim items once they are lost to the federal or state taxing authorities. For this reason, it is best to act quickly if you believe that a seizure might be possible. Our experienced attorneys know how to take quick action to prevent IRS seizures.

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