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Understanding The Complexities of IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

There are many different terms and phrases used by the IRS that the average taxpayer simply does not understand.

Working with a trusted IRS tax attorney in Atlanta is the best way to ensure that your taxes are always kept up-to-date. That said innocent spouse relief involves a married couple jointly filing tax returns and taking benefits.

For example, there are times when one married partner forgets to report his or her part of a joint income tax return. The concern here is that both parties can be blamed but in many cases should not be blamed.

When one partner is completely unaware of the matter, there are actions that can be taken to protect that person.

Working with an IRS tax lawyer is the first place to begin.

Atlantic Tax Attorney and Innocent Spouse Relief

One primary concern of innocent spouse relief is that the IRS can target a tax refund in order to settle a tax debt that another spousal partner owes.

A taxpayer can request an innocent spouse relief in order to be provided with relief from penalty, interest or the requirement to pay a tax debt. One example of where this type of relief may be used is when a spouse or former spouse is required to pay penalty or interest on the payment of a tax debt.

In the case where a tax return has been filed jointly, those who filed the tax return together are liable for the default amount.

An IRS tax lawyer in Atlanta can guide you through the complexities of this type of IRS action.

IRS Tax Lawyer In Atlanta That Gets Results

Anytime there's been an understatement of the taxes on a joint IRS tax form, such as underreported gross income or improper deductions, it may be time to contact an Atlanta IRS lawyer.

If an innocent spouse is entitled to relief, an attorney can work with the IRS to ensure that this information is properly presented to the Internal Revenue Service. Once the IRS is sure that an individual is not responsible for another's taxes, they will typically grant innocent spouse relief.

In some cases there is confusion with regard to couples filing independent returns where they still may be able to claim innocent spousal relief. This is another situation where talking with your Atlanta tax lawyer is the best place to begin.

Other complexities involving innocent spouse relief include cases where there is a separation or a divorce or one spouse is widowed. In other cases, the IRS may provide partial relief with regard to innocent spouse relief.

It is important to note that each case is unique and different and that is why it is so important to work with an tax attorney that understands the rules regarding innocent spouse relief.

Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta, Georgia tax lawyer today for access to experienced and dedicated tax help and assistance.

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