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Best Practices For Avoiding An IRS Tax Audit

While it is true that the probability of being audited is very low today, you can still reduce the chances of this happening by following a few simple tips.

For example, simply do not fail to file your tax return by the required date. Anytime you fail to file your tax return, the IRS may contact you and ask questions.

Even if you have no income tax due for a given year, it is best to still file a return. Simply explain to the IRS that you have no income or that you are showing them that you have no taxes due at this time.

Atlanta IRS Tax Help Is Close At Hand

Equally important is to avoid having no income whenever possible. Whenever you report no income, even having filed a tax return, it may not work to your best benefit.

Research shows that a higher percentage of returns are audited when they show no income for certain years. Another great way to avoid being audited is to avoid omitting any essential information on your return.

You should report all income and never omit any information. This can easily raise a flag with the IRS and result in an audit.

Tax Lawyer In Atlanta

Include everything no matter how small it is when it comes to filing your tax return. In fact, in most instances the IRS will probably already know about a specific income long before it is reported on your tax return.

Many types of payments including dividend income, salary payments and interest are reported to the IRS long before you file your tax return.

Working with an IRS tax lawyer in Atlanta is the best way to ensure that all your tax records are in perfect order prior to filing.

Avoid Drawing Attention To Your Tax Return

Another great way to avoid an audit is to refrain from being messy when doing your tax return. The worst thing that you can do is hand write your tax return in a messy and unorganized way.

This will alert the IRS that there may be something wrong with your tax return. In short, avoid drawing attention to your tax return by having it appear disorganized and messy.

Simply take the time to do your tax return right from the very beginning to ultimately save yourself a lot of time, trouble, money and effort down the road.

Tax Preparation Software

In addition, always double-check your math to make sure there are no mistakes. Recheck your calculations to be certain that all the numbers, addition and subtraction are correct before submitting your return.

Those who use tax preparation software to electronically file a return will likely have better results than when a return is hand prepared. As a note, always remember to sign your tax return. Unsigned returns can draw attention by the IRS resulting in a potential audit.

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