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Understanding The Right Of Taxpayers To Challenge The IRS

Many taxpayers may not be fully aware of the fact that IRS appeals allow the taxpayer to directly challenge the IRS and its decision-making.

For example, there are indeed cases where the IRS may end up overcharging an individual or business on annual tax return filings.

While some believe that the IRS can never be at fault and is always perfectly accurate in its calculations, nothing could be further from the truth.

When it comes to the Internal Revenue Service errors in calculating taxes are sometimes made. This often results in individuals and businesses paying for more taxes than they are required to pay.

Atlanta IRS Tax Help

When this happens it is important to work with an IRS tax attorney in Atlanta to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Being overcharged by the IRS can cost you a substantial amount of money over the short and long-term.

Getting to the bottom of any miscalculations in your taxes or what the IRS believes you owe requires working with an experienced and knowledgeable IRS tax lawyer in Atlanta.

It should be noted that the IRS must follow all established laws and rules when it comes to collecting taxes from individuals and businesses.

Anytime these rules are not followed, there can be consequences especially in light of the fact that taxpayers have certain rights that must be honored.

IRS Tax Professional In Atlanta

For example, the IRS must deliver a series of notices to the taxpayer advising them of their rights. The taxpayer must have ample opportunity to respond to any notices received by the IRS.

This is especially true with regard to any collection actions taken by the IRS. Your Atlanta IRS tax attorney can guide you through the complexities of dealing with these notices when they arrive.

In light of everything said here, there are still instances where the IRS can be very aggressive in attempting to collect what it perceives to be a tax debt.

Work With An Experienced And Dedicated Team

The importance of working with an Atlanta tax lawyer cannot be overstressed when these circumstances are encountered. Not surprisingly, the IRS has absolutely no problem with auditing an individual or business, seizing property, or applying levies.

That is why it is so important to make sure that your taxes are correct and that the IRS has not made an error. Representing yourself against the IRS is usually not the best option.

Always choose to work with an experienced and dedicated team of IRS tax attorneys in Atlanta as a way to protect your personal and business interests. Ultimately, taxpayers will be more successful in having tax balances reduced or completely forgiven when working with a tax lawyer.

Contact The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. an Atlanta Georgia tax expert for assistance, guidance and professional help with a wide range of Atlanta tax problems.

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