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What Type Of Business Entity Is Best For My Needs?

Those starting a new business as well as anyone with an established business sometimes require expertise and guidance when it comes to forming or changing a business designation.

Overseas And Foreign Bank Accounts And What They Mean To You

Any time an individual has a financial interest in a foreign financial institution or bank account, brokerage account or other type of account they may be required to report to the IRS on an annual basis.

Best Practices For Avoiding An IRS Tax Audit

While it is true that the probability of being audited is very low today, you can still reduce the chances of this happening by following a few simple tips.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Good Estate Planning Services

Those approaching retirement having worked their entire life to accumulate wealth for the benefit of their family are best served by working with an Atlanta tax professional and estate planning expert.

Dirty Dozen: Top Tax Scams Led By Phishing Schemes

As it does every year during filing season, the IRS released its annual list of the top 12 Dirty Dozen tax scams, updated for the 2017 filing season. Anyone following the news this year and last will not be surprised that the No. 1 scam was phishing, which has affected tax preparers, company payroll and human resources departments, and individual taxpayers. Second is phone scams, which involve fraudsters impersonating the IRS, calling and threatening people to get them to pay amounts they may not even owe, and often asking for untraceable forms of payment. Here is the IRS's list of this year's top dozen worst scams.

How is an IRS Tax Levy Different Than a Tax Lien

In most instances the IRS is legally able to seize property to satisfy a taxpayers tax debt. In the United States, the IRS has the ability and the authority to levy a person's property.

Understanding The Complexities of IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

There are many different terms and phrases used by the IRS that the average taxpayer simply does not understand.

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