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Tips On Dealing With An IRS Appeal

Those who have lost an IRS audit typically have two choices at hand. Either pay the amount due or consider fighting the IRS's decision. Those who choose to fight must understand that the next step is to file an appeal.

IRS Installment Payments Can Be Affordable

More people than ever before experiencing excessive tax burdens. That said, there are indeed ways to achieve affordable installment payments by working with the IRS and an Atlanta tax attorney. Because a growing number of taxpayers are simply unable to pay their taxes in a single payment, they are turning to affordable installment payments as a smart and viable option. The IRS has a number of debt repayment programs that are intended to allow taxpayers to pay their tax bill via monthly installment payments.

What Does It Mean If You Are Deemed Non-Collectible By The IRS?

This is an interesting question that requires some level of analysis. On rare occasions, the Internal Revenue Service may deem an individual or business non-collectible in terms of taxes owed.

Tips On Avoiding IRS Tax Scams

Today, more than ever before financial fraud and financial scams are prevalent just about everywhere. Identity theft and tax scams are equally as common today in that regard. Here are a few tax identity theft and tax scams that everyone should be alert to as a way to stay smart and stay safe. From telephone scams to phishing and ID theft there are many ways that an individual can fall victim to fraud. Thieves have been known to even "dumpster dive" or masquerade as an IRS employee via email or telephone calls as a way to defraud someone.

Understanding IRS Tax Penalties

Many people have heard about IRS tax penalties and interest. However, few people today truly understand exactly what this implies. While each tax case is unique and different, there are also a number of various solutions that can be applied to deal with IRS tax penalties and interest. Working with an experienced Atlanta tax lawyer is typically the first place to begin when dealing with any type of IRS penalty. Here are some of the more common types of IRS penalties that today's modern taxpayer may face.

America's Offshore Tax Cheats Article by David Voreacos

Individuals that disclosed their offshore bank or asset accounts under the IRS Streamlined program may come under closer scrutiny, based on a recent article by David Voreacos, reporter at Bloomberg News. To learn more, please see follow the link : 

What do the federal tax rules have to say about home sales? - II

In our last post, our blog spent some time discussing how even though it can be difficult to sell a home thanks to the underlying emotional attachment, reluctant sellers should nevertheless take some solace in the fact that not only are conditions in the real estate market favorable, but also the federal tax code.

What do the federal tax rules have to say about home sales?

When most people buy a home, they have visions of staying there forever or, at the very least, staying put for the foreseeable future. While many people are able to realize this dream, others are forced to pull up stakes sooner than they wish thanks to everything from employment opportunities and the need for more space to divorce and illness.

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