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Understanding The Complexities of IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

There are many different terms and phrases used by the IRS that the average taxpayer simply does not understand.

Solutions For Dealing With IRS Back Taxes

Fortunately for taxpayers there are multiple ways that the IRS allows taxpayers to pay or reduce the amount of tax debt owed. Resolving tax issues can be as simple as knowing the best course of action and working with an IRS tax lawyer In Atlanta.

The Variations Of Modern-Day Tax Fraud

Tax fraud can take on many forms and types in today's world. As an example, tax fraud can be considered to be that which is triggered under a number of different IRS tax laws.

What To Do If You Owe More Than Your Home Is Worth

Today more than ever homeowners throughout the country are experiencing the uncomfortable situation of being underwater with regard to their home mortgage. The precipitous market crash that everyone experienced in 2008 continues to affect the finances of people even today. When an individual owes more on their mortgage than the property is actually worth they are considered underwater. Many estimates calculate that nearly one in five US mortgage holders are underwater to some degree.

Better Understanding Of IRS Wage Garnishment And What To Do

Tax debt in today's world is a serious concern especially among those who have limited financial resources. That said when the IRS chooses to collect a tax debt, an action that is called wage garnishment is important to understand. Perhaps most concerning of all when it comes to wage garnishment is that it is continuous in nature and can have a direct impact on the taxpayer's overall monthly or annual income.

IRS Installment Payments Can Be Affordable

More people than ever before experiencing excessive tax burdens. That said, there are indeed ways to achieve affordable installment payments by working with the IRS and an Atlanta tax attorney. Because a growing number of taxpayers are simply unable to pay their taxes in a single payment, they are turning to affordable installment payments as a smart and viable option. The IRS has a number of debt repayment programs that are intended to allow taxpayers to pay their tax bill via monthly installment payments.

Understanding Tax Collection Enforcement

It is a known fact that the IRS has the power to levy and apply liens to personal property as well as the financial resources of individuals and businesses. In most cases the Internal Revenue Service collection process consists of a series of actions that is taken by the agency as a way to collect taxes a taxpayer or business owes. This is especially true if taxes are not paid voluntarily through normal IRS payment processes. When a taxpayer has delinquent tax obligations the IRS will typically take action.

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