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Is It Time To Settle IRS Back Taxes

Owing any kind of back taxes can present an overwhelming experience for almost anyone today. One of the best ways to reduce stress and better organize your personal finances is to settle with the IRS as quickly as possible.

Hidden Tax Strategies For The Self-Employed

Today, more than ever before people are choosing to work from home or be self-employed. As the economy continues to change and more jobs are shipped overseas, more people than ever before are becoming innovative and are finding ways to earn a living on their own.

The Variations Of Modern-Day Tax Fraud

Tax fraud can take on many forms and types in today's world. As an example, tax fraud can be considered to be that which is triggered under a number of different IRS tax laws.

How To Avoid An IRS Tax Audit

Let's face it, virtually no one today enjoys the prospect of being audited by the IRS. However, audits do happen on occasion and that is why it is best to consider a few simple yet important tips on how to avoid an IRS tax audit if at all possible.

Exploring The Different Types Of IRS Notices That May Be Received

In many cases taxpayers can be overwhelmed and confused when it comes to receiving a wide variety of different types of IRS tax notices. Understanding an individual notice that may arise is one of the best ways to avoid confusion. Even more important is to consult with an IRS tax lawyer in Atlanta when receiving any type of IRS tax notice. Receiving a notice from the IRS typically raises a host of questions.

Avoiding Self Representation When Being Audited

Occasionally individuals may choose to represent themselves or their company when being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. This is typically not the best choice and can easily result in added problems and more confusion. In fact, the IRS and its experienced and knowledgeable revenue agents will typically seek to gain the most from taxpayers who are simply not aware of their rights and the considerable powers of the IRS. Working with a focused Atlanta IRS attorney is the smart alternative.

IRS Installment Payments Can Be Affordable

More people than ever before experiencing excessive tax burdens. That said, there are indeed ways to achieve affordable installment payments by working with the IRS and an Atlanta tax attorney. Because a growing number of taxpayers are simply unable to pay their taxes in a single payment, they are turning to affordable installment payments as a smart and viable option. The IRS has a number of debt repayment programs that are intended to allow taxpayers to pay their tax bill via monthly installment payments.

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