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Avoiding Self Representation When Being Audited

Occasionally individuals may choose to represent themselves or their company when being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. This is typically not the best choice and can easily result in added problems and more confusion. In fact, the IRS and its experienced and knowledgeable revenue agents will typically seek to gain the most from taxpayers who are simply not aware of their rights and the considerable powers of the IRS. Working with a focused Atlanta IRS attorney is the smart alternative.

Tax Audit Tips And Hints

Most would agree that nobody enjoys the idea of being audited by the IRS. However, it does occur and more frequently than most might imagine. That said there are some good tax audit tips and hints that are worth considering if you ever do encounter this type of situation. For example, it is important to remain calm and always be yourself when dealing with the IRS. Auditors will review documentation and paperwork but also review the person being audited.

Indications That You May Need An Atlanta Tax Lawyer

There is sometimes a level of uncertainty with regard to when a tax attorney is actually needed. In truth, hiring an Atlanta tax lawyer who specializes in various aspects of tax law is often recommended for those who require IRS tax help. Whether owing back taxes or being audited, or for any other number of tax related issues, having a focused and dedicated lawyer in your corner can make all the difference. Tax lawyers are well versed in handling complex and technical tax related legal issues.

What Is A Tax Audit?

The very word audit can send shivers down the backs of even the most steadfast individuals. That said, it may be worth understanding in detail exactly what a tax audit is how it may affect a taxpayer. In short, an audit is simply an investigation that decides whether or not the information provided to the IRS on a tax return is indeed correct. It essentially determines whether or not an adequate amount of taxes have been paid by the taxpayer. When mistakes or errors are found an audit can proceed and become more complicated.

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