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Atlanta Tax Attorney Offers Tax Filing Reminders

It is my responsibility as a tax attorney in Atlanta to stay up to date on all tax laws and regulations, date extensions, and of course tax filing deadlines. Review these important reminders to file your tax returns:

IRS Has $1 Billion for People Who Have Not Filed a 2008 Taxes

It is my responsibility as an Atlanta Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant to notify you that you could have tax refunds waiting if you have not filed a federal income tax return for 2008. In my commitment to educate my clients nationwide and in the greater Atlanta area, read more to find out what to do:

Atlanta Tax Attorney Talks October 15th Tax Extension Deadline

Atlanta tax attorneys and the best IRS tax relief firms in Georgia are reminding clients that if they filed an IRS Form 4868 for a tax extension last spring, the deadline to file a return is coming soon. The extension deadline is normally on October 15th, but because the 15th falls on a Saturday in 2011, this year's deadline is Monday, October 17th.

How to Resolve a Tax Lien

If the IRS is tired of you not returning their calls and letters, or if they have not heard from an Atlanta tax attorney like The Gartzman Law Firm that represents you, they might try getting your attention with a tax lien. This financial headache is a claim on your property (house, car, business, etc.) that the IRS uses as security until your back tax debt is paid to their satisfaction. You cannot sell or transfer your property while a tax lien is in place.

Timely Tax Help: Foreign Bank Account Report Deadline is June 30

For most people, the month of June is linked to happy things like wedding season and the beginning of summer. But forAtlanta tax attorneys and folks with one or more foreign bank accounts, June 30 marks the annual Foreign Bank Account Report filing deadline.

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